Dreamers Anonymous

“It occurred to me in that moment that no one knows what the hell they’re doing. There’s no manual on being an adult that you’re supposed to follow. Everyone is really just doing what they think is the right thing for them. And everyone is terrified! Is this the right move? Should I do this? Should I do that? What if I fail…”

Tonight I hosted the first Dreamers Anonymous meeting. Tonight I felt as though I was functioning fully in my purpose. There’s almost nothing left to say after that. Isn’t that what we all want? What we crave desperately? To feel whole? To feel needed by way of our purpose? To have our work aligned beautifully and tangibly with our hearts?

The answer is absolutely.

You and I have gifts because we have a mission with our lives. The only way to experience fulfillment is to fulfill those missions by way of the tools we’ve been given to accomplish them. Those tools are our talents and our gifts. Why think that the thing we enjoy doing should not be the thing that sustains us financially? Not a good belief.

The purpose of the Dreamers Anonymous meeting is to have a group of people come together that have dreams and believe in dreams. A place where people can strengthen their belief and strengthen their resolve in the pursuit of their dreams. Think of it as sort of a book club/support group for dreamers. I think it’s important to have this because dreams are fragile. Especially when they are first conceived. We have to be careful who we share our vision with because words have incredible power. Incredible power to build and incredible power to destroy. Because most dreams sound “crazy” to the status quo, you will likely instantly be made to feel as though you are indeed crazy. So this is a group of crazy people that come together to assure other crazy people that they’re not crazy.

You can register for this monthly meeting at, SuccessUpAhead.com

There is limited seating, but I hope to see you there sometime! Also, it’s free! And one more thing, when people are sharing their dreams and what they wish to accomplish, if you’re the type of person that enjoys delivering words of destruction rather than life and you’ve somehow found yourself in our meeting, you’ll kindly be asked to leave. Remember, I was a bouncer for a while so I’m not hesitant in pulling that card if needed 🙂

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