Don’t Be Sad Starry Eyes

When your eyes feel soggy because you can see the reality of your dream, but it still feels so far away… Do not lose heart.

Our dreams are the most important things for us to realize. It will be the most beautiful experience of your life. It will be the most painful experience of your life. It will be the most fulfilling experience of your life. It will be wrought with the most disappointing days of your life. It will be the hardest test you’ll ever know. If you’re decided, the test and terrible days won’t break you. They’ll push you further forward to where you want to be. To where your dream is waiting for you. Sad to say, not everyone makes it. Not everyone knows their dream is waiting for them. Most people allow themselves to break. Sad to say, most people miss out on living a life they love.

For my dreamers out there taking action in spite of the shit, piss, pain, filth, regret, disdain, and betrayal. To all of you… push on. Take what remains of the strength you have and push on just a touch more. Your dream will be realized. Your heart will be lifted. Your truth will be seen. To my starry-eyed loves… keep moving. I love you dreamers.

The title and content of this blog were inspired through my beautiful friend’s poetry, which can be found here. Thank you, Aurora, my beautiful friend, for letting me use your beautiful words to ignite my creativity.

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