I started The Idol Killers when the world paused. A pandemic hit and like so many others, my life changed.

I'm a routine and regiment guy. I'd get coffee at a specific time every morning, go to the gym every day, and work on my blogs and books in a very disciplined way. 

The problem for me when this great pause occurred was that I did all of these things outside of my house. From morning coffee to writing books, I'd always do it in a cafe somewhere. I like moving and not being in the same place for too long. So when I was told to quarantine for an indeterminate amount of time, my old friends depression and anxiety joined me. They came to my side quick and my writing ceased almost as instantly.

I was now only leaving the house for groceries and walks on desolate trails. It gave me time to think but like anyone who suffers from anxiety and depression, that can be a problem. I wondered if things would ever open again. Would we ever sit in a restaurant again? Would we want to sit in a restaurant again? Fear was driving a lot of my thinking.

After a month, I got back into something of a schedule with working out at home and making my own coffee in the morning. But writing was still not with me. It was like all of my motivation and desire to write had just dried up. It left.

I opened my laptop one day and looked up a video on how to make beats with Garage Band. After a few hours, I plugged in the microphone I use for my podcast and started messing around with some melodies and harmonies over the music I'd made. Within a few days I had a song done and this overwhelming desire to share it with everyone. I felt a new creativity come screaming to life in me. And it was one I had never expected. Especially because I put music down ten years ago to pursue a college degree.


My last show singing in the metal band, In the Wake, was in 2010 and I really never expected to do music seriously again. The Idol Killers came to life right when it needed to. Music has always been extremely important to me, even when I wasn't pursuing it as an artist. I'm never not listening and studying music.


This has helped me realize that we can do all of the things we love to do and that we should do all of the things we love to do.

-Mark Craven